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September 03, 2009




This is Shreela from India, I recently came across your website when I was hunting for some geometric patterns. I love your doodles and have been spending hours and hours looking at your work! Its just awesome :) I have shared your website link with a few friends and they qt like it as well!

I had a small question, I wanted know how do you fill your needlework so neatly? Especially the larger spaces?

Thanks and happy doodling!

Cheers, Shreela


Shreela, I use satin stitch or encroaching stitch to fill in large areas. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will come back.


Hi, Miriam
I love your works, it's just amazing!
I was looking for some embroidery patterns in Pinineterst, when I found your works I could not be happier :-)

Now I'm wondering if I'm allowed to try this magnificent pattern.

Thank you for sharing these great works again~!

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